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Formation of fairy chimneys
LOCATION of Cappadocia, Avanos

The ancient writers Strabo the Roman Emperor Augustus in the time of the Taurus Mountains, Cappadocia, the boundaries of the region to the South, Aksaray in the West, Malatya in the East and the North-East region indicates a broad ranging from the Black Sea coast. This day in Cappadocia, Nevsehir, Aksaray, nigde, Kayseri and kirsehir, is covered. A more narrow field, which is rocky Cappadocia region, Uchisar, Goreme, Avanos, Urgup, derinkuyu, kaymaklı, ihlara and environment is composed of.

Formation of fairy chimneys Avanos

Rock structure:
In the region of Cappadocia erciyes, hasandag and Göllüdag were active volcanoes during geological periods. Eruptions of this volcano, along with many other great volcanoes of the upper Miocene period ( 10 million years ago) began and during the Holocene (the present) lasted until. At the bottom of Lake Neogene plateau lavas from the volcano, lakes, and streams 100-150m. different hardness of the tuff layer in thickness is formed. This layer of volcanic ash tuff within the body of another, ignimbirit tuff, lahar, volcanic ash, clay, sandstone, marl and agglomerate and basalt geological features such as rocks. Substances spewing from a volcano shaped with the main plateau, the continuous small volcanoes, with the eruption of violence, less has undergone many changes. Starting from the upper Pliocene tuff in the etching of the layer including the Red River of rivers and lakes due to this, the region has become today.

Formation of fairy chimneys

Flood waters descending from the slopes of the valley and the wind, etching with the structure of the CPI the "fairy chimneys" called interesting formations has emerged.

The steep slopes of flood waters find their way through cracks and ruptures in the Hard Rock. Deep drilling is located in the lower part of the slope decreased with more easily eroded material, thus located in the upper part, protected from wear a hat, conical bodies has emerged.. in this case, in the formation of the fairy chimneys, the surface flow of rain water from the effect of wind reveals that much more important. Of rain water and strong surface currents such as the most important factor in the development of effective vegetation and the lack of impermeable tuff.

More Pasabagi in the vicinity of a capped, conical chimneys and there is a block of rock on top of it. Body tuff, formed from the ashes of the volcano volcanic ash rock lahar and is composed of hard rocks such as ignimbirit. The type of rocks that make up the hat, the body is more durable than the rock community. This is the first condition for the formation of the earth. Depending on the resistance of the cap rock, the chimneys, long-or short-lived. Also rock a hat, weak erosion the fairy chimneys and tuff, delaying the height of the controls.

The fairy chimneys varies between 1 m and 15 m in diameter. Crack spacing is larger than or smaller than 1 m 15 m If the development of the fairy chimneys is observed.

Formed by erosion in the Cappadocia region of the earth types; a hat, cone, mushroom-shaped columns and pointed rocks. The most intense way of the fairy chimneys Avanos - Uchisar - ürgüp triangle in the valleys around the town of cat in Nevsehir Urgup sahinefendi the region between Kayseri soganli Valley and the village of selime in Aksaray is located. On the slopes of the valley of the fairy chimneys of the region adds another dimension to the interesting folds of the waters of rain. Some slopes in the heat of the lava layers due to the difference in color harmony. These formations, Uchisar, Avanos, Goreme meskendir, ortahisar and beet Kızılçukur Valley can be seen.
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